Why Four Seasons?


“The Number One Korean Cooking Class”

Why Four Seasons Cooking Class?


‘authentic Korean cooking’

‘easy & simple but delicious recipes’

‘kind & detailed explanation’

‘private & small-sized class’

‘fully hands-on class’

‘sincere and welcoming personality’

‘informative & knowledgeable’

‘fresh & locally-grown ingredients’

Hi all, 
My name is Celine.
The interest in Korean food all around the world is growing fast. 
There are still lots of interesting stories and secrets behind the Korean food that we know.
I love sharing my knowledge and skills of Korean cuisine that I learned from the culinary schools and my mom.
For these reasons, I’ve decided to open and share my lovely & sweet home
with people who are passionate about food and new culture. 
If your next destination is Seoul, Korea,
no reason to hesitate to book your own seat at Four Seasons Cooking Class.


What Kind of Korean Food Will I Cook?

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