News: We’re on Visit Seoul’s Facebook

Korean Cooking Class on Visit Seoul’s Facebook Page

A couple weeks ago, we had some special guests over at our Comprehensive Korean Cooking Class

Two people who are in charge of Visit Seoul’s official facebook page visited our class for shooting.

After about a week later, they released this lovely video. 

It’s a little sad that it doesn’t show much of our place and other fun scenes of class.

But I’m still happy to see the video released on their facebook page as more people can get to know about our cooking class now. 

Enjoy the movie!

What’s Visit

Visit Seoul is an official website run by Seoul City Government.

They provide plenty of essential and useful information about visiting Seoul.

Here you can check their official website and facebook page.  


Want to know more about Four Seasons’ Korean Cooking Class?

Please click here to see more details! 






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