Comprehensive Korean Cooking Class


You would like to explore the overall Korean cuisine but not enough time on a tight budget?

No worries!

You can experience as much as you wish with Four Seasons Cooking Class.

Our morning class menu has been carefully designed and selected with the most representative and popular Korean dishes.

Through this, you can also learn the various methods of Korean cooking along with their important skills.

Plus, it’s never difficult to learn even though you’re dumb with cooking. Hurray!



(Grilled beef with soy BBQ sauce)

*Lettuce, sesame leaves and Ssamjang will be provided for Ssam(Wrap)*


Kimchi Jeon

(Savory pancake with Kimchi)



(Glass noodle with beef & vegetables)


Kimchi Jjigae!

(Kimchi stew with tofu & pork)


We’ll go a market tour to a local supermarket nearby at the end of class.

Here, you can check out local ingredients and some packaged products that you’d like to buy for yourself to practice once you get back home.

Of course, it’s not forced.

Duration: 3.5 – 4 h (start at 10.00 am )

*We’re open every day but closed on Sundays.

Price: 95,000 KRW per person

This includes;

  • Pick-up service available at certain spots
  • Market tour
  • Cook individually, not as a team
  • Fully hands-on
  • Small class of max 5-6
  • Authentic home cooking
  • English fluent instructor
  • Locally-grown and fine ingredients
  • On hand-crafted ceramic ware
  • All homemade condiments
  • Beautiful recipe cards for souvenir
  • No duty of dish washing or other chores






In order to book a seat for you, click here to send a reservation request.

Special arrangement for large group may be possible upon request. Please email us. 

If you have any specific dietary requirement, please let us know in advance. 

Also, if you want to accompany with your children, feel free to ask us.

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